Thursday, July 28, 2011

Setting up a business[Part 1]: Feasibility and Marketing

Dear all,

Please work on the following and get ready to share next week. You may wish to refer to SST official site or other international corporations' websites to get some ideas:)

-Product/Service to be offered

-Company name

-Vision Statement

-Mission Statement


-SWOT analysis of product/service

-Organisational Roles: CEO/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Chief Information Officer (CIO) /Marketing Director etc


1 johanan,jiale,niklaus,tim 2 jonan, preston, siyuan, ben, cherin

3 rayner, junwei,hardy,yuchong, chris 4davina,michelle,stacey,naveena,gwen

5 victor,minsuk,seeto, junhong

SUBMIT IN PAGES(by next wed to submit folder). The same PAGES document can be used for your class sharing. Thanks!

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